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Monday, 31 July 2017

New Skateboard Trick #2 Backside-Waterslide!


  1. Hi Mr McAulay, its Mia from Greymain.
    Awesome trick - backside-waterslide.

    see ya


    1. Thanks for the comment Mia hope your enjoying Greymain

      From Ella

    2. Hi my name is Rua from Waikowhai Primary School. I like the way you went down the ramp. I like doing that when I am skateboarding. It would be cool to see a longer video next time. You can check out my learning here:

  2. Hi Mr McAulay, its Lily from Te waka ako in Wakowhai Primary School. I really enjoyed this post. My favourite part about this was the trick it was so cool. I liked it because you are being creative and he didnt even tip! It made me think of when I did skateboarding with my class I was sacred at the ramp at first! Also when I watched your skateboarding video. How did your student come up with something like that?... And didn't tip! If you have time please check my blog Thanks for reading this!

  3. Kia Ora Mr McAulay, my name is Amie I am a student in Te Waka Ako at Waikowhai Primary School. I really like how you added a video of what the trick looks like. It made me think about when I went on the ramps when I did skateboarding. Maybe next time you could add a description about what you did in that day? Did the students like doing the new skateboard trick? If you would like to see my learning my blog is Kai Pai!
    From: Amie

  4. Hi Mr McAulay,my name is Pila from Waikowhai Primary.I like your skateboarding it was just like ours.What kind of skateboard did you use? I think next time you should have a competition.We all saw your video and it was funny and we enjoyed it.

  5. Hi my name is Isaiah from Waikowhai Primary School. I liked your blog but the video was very short and I didn't really understand what you were trying to do. I thought you could make it a bit more understandable by adding some text. It would be cool to see you try to stand up next time. I hope this comment will help you. Keep writing awesome blogs. Bye now, and good luck.


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