He waka eke noa.

We are all in this together.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Term 2 Reflection

Kia ora,

Term 2 reflection. A difficult topic to start - similar to the term I have just had. It is not often that you spend more days away from school, than at school. I have never been this sick. As a teenager I had very few illnesses and apart from a nasty virus in France in 2001, I would have called myself fairly healthy.

The hardest part of the past 10 weeks has been the loss of my shoes. I haven't actually lost them, I have just lost the ability to wear them. You may have seen me flopping around in socks and sandals. This has left me unable to run, join in any class games, walk my dog, explore the hills, go hunting, take my son for walks in the pram or play canoe polo. Canoe polo cost me $60 per game this season. That is pretty expensive.

I hope that a surgeon can get me back in my shoes and my kayak asap (preferably yesterday).

I have been so impressed with my classes resilience this term. I know that it was challenging for them not having a consistent teacher, for the first 6 weeks of term. Thank you to all those wonderful students that kept their programmes of learning running. It was great to see all the wonderful writing and maths DLOs through their blogs.

A highlight of the term for me was Boomwriter. This has proven to be an engaging success. It has been wonderful to see the increased pride that is evident in each piece of writing.

Enjoy your holidays. Please be nice to your siblings (except the really annoying ones).


Mr McAulay