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Saturday, 10 December 2016


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2016 Reflection Starters

Choose 8 of the following reflection questions to start your discussion/slide/blog post:

  1. What is something we did this year that you think you will remember for the rest of your life, why?
  2. What is something you accomplished this year that you are proud of, why?
  3. What was the nicest thing someone in our class did for you this year, why?
  4. What was the most challenging part of this year for you, why?
  5. Where is your favorite place in our classroom (or school), why?
  6. If you could have one thing differently this year, what would it be, why?
  7. What are three things you did this year to help your classmates/teacher/family and why?
  8. What are the three most important things you learned this year?
  9. What is something that was hard for you at the start of the year but is easy now, why?
  10. In what area do you feel you made your biggest improvements, why?
  11. What is your favorite part of the day in our class, why?
  12. What is something you taught your teacher or classmates this year?
  13. Of the books you read this year, which was your favourite, why?
  14. What was the best piece of writing that you did this year? Why do you think it is your best?
  15. Create a maths problem to show a new strategy that you have mastered.
  16. What person at our school has made the biggest impact in your life this year? Why?
  17. What is something the teacher could have done to make this year better?
  18. What are 10 adjectives that best describe this school year?
  19. Knowing what you know now, if you could write a letter to yourself that would travel back in time so that you would receive it at the start of the school year, what advice would you give your younger self?
  20. What advice would you give students who will be in this class next year?
  21. Create a new* set of Emojis to show your feelings about your year. Write a paragraph about each one describing what the Emoji means. Use Sumopaint, Google Draw, Web Paint, Paint, Sketch.
*This means created, not cut and pasted. Thanks.